Global IoT Accelerator

We back founders from around the globe in the early stages of building connected hardware businesses.

Our focus is to support hardware founders to establish critical, early stage validation and traction with functional prototypes over a four-month sprint. Individually tailored education and dedicated time with in-house experts ranging from finding product market fit through retail and distribution powers our program. 


Peter Havas

Founder & CEO, Pill Drill

“Even with our team's software and hardware background, we knew we needed to find a partner with experience making connected products and navigating China. Brinc gives us access to tactical experts, tested methodologies for customer development, and helped us navigate China. It's been a great strategic advantage to be based in our market with the Brinc team supporting us in Asia.”


Florian Simmendinger

CEO & Co-Founder, Soundbrenner

“Brinc provided us with access to the experts who really knew what it took to build a great business from the ground up. The program’s flexible and unique approach to support allowed us to cherry pick the resources needed to fill in gaps in our own management team and mitigate risk as we edge closer to true market fit. The Brinc program is the best blend of everything a hardware founder needs."

Antoine Markarain

CEO & Co-Founder, Kello

“The tools and regular sessions with the Brinc team enabled us to find our customers and build key traction in the pre-launch phase. We were able to stay extremely lean and move more quickly using the Brinc platform. There is no doubt that we would not have achieved the success in R&D and crowdfunding without Brinc.”

The Method To Our Madness

Building a connected hardware company goes well beyond prototyping. Rapid, informed and iterative user testing, early stage traction and building for mass-manufacturing and long-term business scalability and core objectives for pre-launch hardware founders.

Our program operates with three pillars: education and tools, hands-on support and a deep operator network. We are digital and global so you can stay near your market while leveraging the product development speed and know-how of Shenzhen. 

Tactical Education and Tools

Focused on product validation and critical early market traction for connected hardware businesses, our sprint-oriented learning program gets you well-positioned for scaling your business, mass production and fundraising.

Learn and have access to specialised tools for hardware startup accounting, product design and prototyping, user testing and traction, go to market strategies and more.

Hands-On Support

You could say it’s ultra-hands on support. Our bench of global experts support you through the sprint with weekly 1:1 office hours and feedback, and regular sessions with your team and the Brinc Growth, Studio and Accelerator teams to make sure you’re tracking for short term growth, and long term success.

Aligned With Equity

While funding is important, we've learned that most often it's not the biggest hurdle for early stage IoT founders. Technical feasibility issues, inability to commercialise and spinning wheels (and spending cash) in prototyping and R&D are where we see most hardware founders hitting the wall. 

Our aim is to provide support and value in the best way we can. We focus on helping founders over these hurdles efficiently and staying lean. 

For teams joining our accelerator, we ask for 3% equity on a cashless basis. Simple. 

Drone Services Accelerator

Reimagine Drone is our dedicated drone services incubator developed in partnership with Incubio. We offer world entrepreneurs access to prototyping resources typically available only in Asia in addition to a proven, online curriculum and technical hands-on training.

The program enables startups who are are seeking financial and technical support with developing disruptive technologies leveraging the use of commercial drones.


Harris Sun

Co-Founder, Arkvida

"Reimagine Drone has been a great experience. The 8-week series of training provides us an in-depth understanding and preparation of our startup business. The mentors and advisors are experts in their fields and have strong technical and market knowledge. We have really enjoyed the online part of the program and the connection to the other UAV founders from around the world. We are very grateful to the team at Brinc, Incubio, the other founders and all the mentors that help us each week!"



CEO, Sky-Drones

"Reimagine Drone is an excellent incubator that works on revealing the potential of startups working in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles space. The mentors and program specialists have extensive experience in both technology and marketing and their support has allowed us to go in the right direction faster, by avoiding mistakes. The Reimagine Drone program has been extremely effective in supporting us and has provided access to new business opportunities we could not have found ourselves. I would recommend it to any founder in the UAV space."

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-31 at 12.22.41.jpeg


Technical Director, General Drones

"Reimagine Drone has been crucial for us! We are young entrepreneurs and we consider ourselves good at what we do. We used to think that we had sorted out all the aspects that involve the development of a product, but after the Reimagine Drone accelerator, we've realized that there are a lot of aspects to consider when you develop a product. For us, having mentors in lean start-up and manufacturing has been a great support. It is transforming us into highly competitive professionals and it has improved our company rapidly!"

Our Offer

In exchange for 6%, participating startups recieves a comprehensive program support and services to help with developing their business.

Online stage

  • 2 months of Lean Startup online training, including up to 50 hours of remote support
  • Development of marketing strategy, materials and market research through our in-house research center

On-site stage

  • 200 hours of on-demand, one to one support on key aspects for your business
  • Highly-customized support to help you successfully build a go-to market strategy and test it
  • Fast track visa assistance
  • 3 months of working space in Barcelona at the Canodrom Creative Industries Research Park
  • 5,000€ to cover for living expenses in Barcelona
  • Opportunity to exhibit at DroneShowBCN
  • Opportunities to fly to Hong Kong and network with key players in the local ecosystem including government, manufacturers, technology companies and service providers.
  • Attend the world’s largest trade fairs for consumer electronics including HKTDC and Global Sources
  • Access to the latest drones and prototyping tools to prototype your own drone

Guanxi Program

Guanxi (Chinese: 关系, pronounced "guan shi"): The system of social networks and influential relationships which facilitate business and other dealings. It's also been called the "most misunderstood business concept in China".

The Guanxi Program is a six week learning sprint to help you enter and scale in the Chinese market. While one of the biggest economies in the world, China can also be the most challenging if you've never done business there before. Brinc's Guanxi Program is the ideal way for you to quickly build the network, tools and knowledge needed to ramp up distribution online and offline in China.

The program is based in Guangzhou. Never heard of it? You're missing out:

Guangzhou is responsible for 27% of China's total export value.

Guangzhou is responsible for 27% of China's total export value.

The city boasts the largest retail sales value of consumer goods, coming in at about 10.5% of China's total

The city boasts the largest retail sales value of consumer goods, coming in at about 10.5% of China's total

Over $30 billion USD transacted at the Canton Fair last April alone. 

Over $30 billion USD transacted at the Canton Fair last April alone. 

It is the capital of Guangdong, the province with the greatest portion of China's GDP.

It is the capital of Guangdong, the province with the greatest portion of China's GDP.

The buying powerhouse that is Guangzhou is why we've partnered with the Guangzhou government and leveraged our internal expertise, trusted network of retailers, distributors and partners to make sure you have the best foundation to bring your product to the largest market in the world.

If you're already shipping and ready to scale, this is the perfect program for you.

julien oree.jpeg
The retail and trade finance content, the startup teams brought together and the variety of founders you exposed us to in fireside chats were just top notch! I came into the program with major open questions about where to set priorities and resources between online and retail. I came out of it with clarity and a strategy to move forward. The program was truly valuable for my company.
— Julien Salvanave, Founder at Orée
The Brinc go to market program was great! The team is awesome and the program really helped KuaiFit better understand and navigate the commercial aspects of distribution and retail. Really valuable for founders looking to fuel revenue growth.
— Carlos Rider, Founder and CEO at KuaiFit
We joined the Brinc go to market program after having already shipped over $1M USD in product all over the world and having a pretty good grasp on the basics. But we knew if we wanted to be serious, we needed to level up our business smarts when it came to retail, distribution, ecommerce and trade financing. Brinc’s program was invaluable for us to achieve this. We’re now growing faster than ever before, with confidence in our approach and ability to navigate the distribution landscape.
— Eugene, Founder at Evapolar

Our Offer

Instant Network in China

Jumpstart your guanxi with our carefully cultivated network built with our 100+ years of experience in China.

  • We share our deep network of local partners, vendors and investors with you to help your company enter the market. 
  • Support from the Guangzhou government to help you setup in the local jurisdiction and gain media exposure.
  • Understand the buyer and seller landscape by visiting live trade shows across the largest trade hubs in the world. 
  • Private demo to distributors and retailers with our backing.

Localisation Education and Support

While the Chinese market comes with a huge opportunity, it's also a very, very different experience than selling anywhere else in the world.

  • Learn how to localise your product for the Chinese market from packaging to app translation to navigating Tencent's WeChat, Sina's Weibo and other marketing channels.
  • Learn the business culture and cracking the unique Chinese customer from founders and partners who have done it before.
  • Understand the benefits and drawbacks of the plethora of Chinese platforms to launch successfully.

Boosted with Cash and Space, Aligned with Equity

Beyond knowledge sharing, our support goes further to kick-start your growth in China:

  • Free office space for 6 months in Guangzhou.
  • $8,888 USD in cash to support expenses for getting started in China.
  • Options for further government grants including up to an additional cash to support your second year office rental and talent subsidies in Guangzhou.
  • A free booth and entry to pitch onstage at the biggest regional tech conferences of the year, including:
    • the Guangzhou International Innovation Festival with the opportunity to win an additional $45,000 USD through the THero Competition in December 2017. This will be open for the top three teams, to be nominated by a Brinc judging panel, and
    • the StartMeUp Festival organised by the Hong Kong government in February 2, 2018.

We align for the long-term. We ask participating teams for 3% equity in exchange for all of the above.