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Alan Cymberknoh

Alan is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in both startup & corporate, particularly in the wireless and consumer hardware space with successful track record of funding and exit.

A proactive executive with a wide range of skills encompassing product planning, product strategy, product management, innovation, product design and business development.

Prior to joining Brinc, Alan was the founder of E Cycle, an electric vehicle start-up established following a seed funding from INFINITI Motors, the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker NISSAN. Also Alan founded SpareOne Emergency Phone, a product launched through AT&T in the USA and awarded multiple times as Best of Innovation. Alan started his career in the Product Strategy & Planning team at Philips Consumer Electronics.

Born in Argentina, Alan graduated with a Master in Telecom Engineering in France, launched a company in California and for over 10 years, he has been living in Hong Kong.

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