Brinc Cash Flow Tool

Who is the Brinc Cash Flow Tool for?

  • This tool is designed to help hardware startups define and manage their product development costs using Google Sheets. We provide a template and some convenient features to help you get started with Research & Development (R&D), manufacturing and operating costs analysis. This system helps you understand your burn rate and set potential fundraising goals proactively.
  • More comprehensive financial models and tools are available to Brinc portfolio companies. For more information, Apply for one of our programs.

Can Brinc see my financial data?

  • No. We do not see, collect or store any of your financial data. We only collect general statistics about how the add-on is being used, as well as your email address. We will use these email addresses to communicate any important changes about the tool and send periodic news about Brinc and the add-on usage as a way to inform our updates to the Brinc Cash Flow Tool. 

How do I use the Brinc Cash Flow Tool?

This free model focuses primarily on the Product Development costs, when Manufacturing costs may not be known yet.

  • Start with populating the Costs tab, then populate the Cash Flow tab.
  • Cells shaded light blue require user input.
  • Cells shaded white contain formulas and should be changed only if the user understands the impact. Please check dependent formulas before you begin altering the formulas.
  • Cells with black triangle in the corner contain useful comments to help populate the model.
  • If you feel like you've messed up and you don't know how to go back, you can always re-install the plug-in and start over. It's always there for you!

Can I add/delete rows or columns?

  • Of course! This is provided by Brinc as a starting point. Every company is different, but we've created this after testing on dozens of hardware founders, so you'll likely be adding vs deleting. Just make sure to check your formulas. In general, changes may require some adjustments in referencing formulas in other areas of the Brinc Cash Flow Tool.
  • Note, the dates in the column headings are dynamically generated based on Cell B7 of the Costs tab.

What is the Overview tab? It does not seem to link to the rest of the model.

The Overview tab highlights all the key costs and expenses that you may incur as you develop and manufacture your product. It gives you a look at what costs may be around the corner, so you can plan ahead. You should review each item and consider the impact on your company. As mentioned, more comprehensive financial models including manufacturing costs are available to Brinc portfolio companies. For more information, just click on the Apply button above.

What if your method is too simplistic and does not fit my company?

Great! We provide this tool as a framework for hardware startups and it should be used as a starting point. The sales forecasting and manufacturing cost modules are basic tools to help young companies come up with a general estimate. Feel free to enhance the cash flow tool with methods that fit your company’s situation. At the end of the day, you own your cash flow and the better data you input into the tool, the better information you will have to make your business decisions.

I completed the cash flow tool. Now what?

Your cash flow model should be an ever-evolving document. You can analyze the monthly Ending Cash Balance on the Cash Flow tab to see what your burn rate is and how many months of runway your company has. As you gain more data points, enter them into the cash flow tool to refine your projections.