China Trip FAQs

What do I need to do to prepare for the trip?

We will send you a checklist of what you need to plan for prior to travel. But, we do advise attendees to look at flights immediately to ensure they can make it. Flights can be very cheap if you get them ahead of time. So take a look and check back with us on your application status.

What can you expect?

From experiencing the hustle and bustle of HK to the electronics market of SZ to networking with IoT founders, be prepared for an immersive IoT experience. Oh, not to mention being tired… Asia is super fast paced. Get ready!

What will Brinc provide?

All we ask is for you to fly down and find adequate lodging – we will take care of the rest (including giving you recommended housing and discounts wherever possible). The rest of the trip is included (the buses, the meals, networking events, China Invitation letters for Visas, SIM cards, etc.).


What stage should I be in?

If you intend on building a hardware startup, we encourage you to come to China sooner rather than later! That being said and due to the high demand for the trip, we are looking for founders that at least have a first version of their prototype and have a dedicated team working on the project. 

What should you bring?

  • Come with your ideas, prototypes and a lot of questions!
  • More seriously, check the weather forecast. During the fall, it can be very hot, but it could also become cool quickly (plus, everyone blasts air conditioning, so you’ll need something warm when you go inside, but nothing heavy). If you burn easily, you may need a hat depending on the time of year.
  • Bring comfortable clothing. No reason to dress up. We’re all startups here and when you’re in the markets and factories, just make sure you have closed toed shoes (no flip flops).
  • If you’d like to change money before you come, it’s not a bad idea to have some Hong Kong Dollars and Chinese RMB or Yuan. You can get it here by exchanging your local currency, but don’t assume your local bank or ATM will work here. It does most times, but better safe than sorry. Lots of people take cash here. Using credit cards is not common everywhere (plus, you don’t want to get smashed with international credit card fees if you don’t have those covered as part of your card).
  • If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to us. We want this trip to be as enjoyable as possible.