We have acquired Enter China, the premier online and offline community for physical product makers! The community boasts 200 years experience working in mainland China & has shipped millions of products. Thanks to the acquisition, hardware founders will now be able to learn from the comfort of their local community and seamlessly work through the entire product development process using Brinc’s programs and services.

Enter China’s current community has:

- 200+ years of experience working with China manufacturers

- Has shipped 6+ million units (yes. millions!)

- Supported new hardware founders from $0 to 7 and 8 figures in revenue on a regular basis

- Saved members thousands of hours & ten’s of thousands of dollars in navigating China’s complex business & product development terrain

Building a hardware product? You need to visit Shenzhen!

This trip is ideal for hardware founders that are looking to China to explore manufacturing possibilities but don't know where to start. Brinc's China Trip gives founders a curated trip through China to ensure their first trip goes smoothly! On the trip, you'll learn what's required to engage a contract manufacturer (CM), when to engage a CM, how to engage a CM, as well as intro's to our vetted network of "startup friendly" CM's!


shaun arora

Managing Director, Make in LA

"Being here gives us the context and framework to dive deeper into manufacturing including decisions around material choices, tooling, quality tolerances and layout."


min fitzgerald

Co-founder, Nutrigene

"To come out and tour the entire manufacturing ecosystem has been completely invaluable. Everything that you can think of related to the electronics industry is here!"

Simon Headshot.JPG

simon zhang

Head of Hardware, Brinc

"If you have never been to China and you want to learn more about manufacturing and R&D, or how to manage your supply chain, Brinc China Trip is your choice!"

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