How to crack crowdfunding

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Crowdfunding has presented a significant change in how entrepreneurs evaluate and bring their products to life.  

Like the personal computer brought computing to everyone, crowdfunding has put investing and funding in the hands of the masses.

Crowdfunding revolutionized how entrepreneurs bring their business to life.  

Hundreds of thousands of founders have raised billions of dollars across the world’s top crowdfunding platforms. Crowdfunding democratized the access for any founder around the world to raise capital from people who believe in their business idea.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of entrepreneurs, more than 70% of them, who attempt to crowdfund their business, fail.  Today’s speakers represent the platform, the awareness and exposure and customer acquisition aspects of a crowdfunding campaign - core pillars to build a successful campaign.

Be ready to learn the best practices of preparing, launching, and maintaining your crowdfunding campaign from some of the biggest authorities in the space!