We're here to help you grow...

We give you the tools, knowledge and connections to take on the largest consumer market in the world: China. A few ways we do this:

  • Multi-disciplinary approach to scaling in the Chinese market. Learn cultural differences, understand the Chinese consumer profile, and gain practical trade financing knowledge.

  • Long-term oriented. Develop a China-specific marketing and business plan geared towards sustainable success. We're in it for the long-haul with you. That's why we align our partnership with 3% equity.

  • Our network is your network. Leverage our deep relationships with the biggest vendors, distributors, and partners in China and gain public support from the Guangzhou government to help you succeed. 

The program will kick off October 9, 2017 in Hong Kong. 


Are you ready for China?

We want to prepare you for growth into the Chinese market, but you have to be ready too. Does this sound like you?

  1. Completed mass manufacturing of your product
  2. Successfully raised a seed investment round and have sufficient funding allocated to growing into a new market. 
  3. Have the ability to manufacture inventory quickly or have sufficient inventory on hand to meet demand. 
  4. Ready to build demand in China, establish a robust supply chain, and drive sales. 
  5. At least two people from your team are willing to join us in Hong Kong (2 weeks) and Guangzhou (4 weeks) for 6 weeks. Ideally this would be the business founder and a team member with marketing know-how to drive the market forward.

Week 1: Welcome to Hong Kong

Let's get started. We'll kick off in Hong Kong for the first week to help you settle into Asia. 

Week 2: huanying to China

"Huanying 欢迎" or welcome to China. Go across the border to Guangzhou.

  • Get your bearings in Guangzhou. As the capital of the Guangdong province, Guangzhou was a prominent terminus of the historical Silk Road and continues to be a longstanding global trade hub. The easiest way to learn China is to be here! 
  • Attend the China Import and Export Fair (also called the Canton Fair), the largest global trade fair, hosted in Guangzhou since 1957. It's hard to overstate the size and importance of this fair with 200,000 buyers and distributors in attendance. Get in the thick of it from the beginning so you can better understand the landscape. 


Learn the basics for growing your business in China from top experts and founders who have successfully tackled the Chinese market, including:

  • How to do business in China including legal and IP ins and outs, tax concerns and navigating cultural differences.
  • Understanding the Chinese consumer and market dynamics.
  • Rocking e-commerce in China through great localisation and online presence.
  • Navigating Chinese retail and distribution from the big players to small shops.

Week 6: BUILD YOUR NETWORK and Pitch the Market! 

Round out the program with exposure to top traders and building your network in one of the most active trade hubs in the world.

  • Meet hand-picked local and international distributors. 
  • Continued support to help you navigate early discussions and relationship building in China.
  • Pitch on stage in Hong Kong as part of the THero Competition for the chance to win a free booth at the Guangzhou International Innovation Festival and the opportunity to pitch on stage in front of an audience of 1000s of investors, brands and potential customers. 

Resources to kickstart your China market strategy

Practical Education: Drawing on the decades of experience our internal team has on selling products in China and now working with founders to do the same, we created a curriculum tailored specifically for a company's first foray into the market. We know it takes more than some WeChat and trade show hustle - you've got questions around IP, registration, business etiquette and so on. We aim to cover these key basics and more during the program so you have confidence and a plan.

Weekly Office Hours: We're here to support you. One-on-one office hours are our time to dig in to the details, review documents and answer the myriad of questions you have.

Government Supported Setup: You'll be officially supported by the Guangzhou government from day 1. This translates into practical and speedy help to setup shop and immediate contacts with the top media from the region. 

Mentor and Vendor Network: Our mentor and vendor network is a carefully selected group of experts ranging from Chinese growth hackers to hardware founders to startup-friendly retailers. We rely on this network for precise, just-in-time guidance for our founders.

A Premier Location in Guangzhou: You will have office space in the heart of the central business district of Guangzhou at the Brinc Hub @ 05 Space. This super central space is home to over 80 international startups ranging from early stage through series B and boasts a gym, basketball court, pool table and of course all the modern office amenities. As part of the program you'll have this space for free for your first six months in Guangzhou to help you get set up. 

Cash Booster to Cover Costs: To make your set up in China even smoother, you will receive $8,888 USD to help cover costs. Eight is an auspicious number in Chinese culture - consider this a cash plus a little good luck! 

Resources that last

Global Community: Join our community of global founders across three continents. With regular gatherings and a digital community, share advice, ask questions and gain support from founders who are in the trenches with you.

Quarterly All-Brinc Office Hours: After the program sprint, our all-Brinc team continues to be available for 360 check-ins to help you track for long-term success on a quarterly basis. Most of our teams have found this to be invaluable as they scale up and encounter new challenges. 

Landing Pad in Hong Kong and China: Whether it’s during the accelerator sprint or months later, you have a place to call home with fellow hardware founders and our team in Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

Perks: As a Brinc company, you have access to free services and discounts valued at over $500k from a wide variety of service providers to make your IoT business run from accounting to cloud storage to online payments to distribution and logistics providers. 


Some of our Guanxi: Partners and Perks

Your team

Yasin Aboudaoud, Chief Development Officer

Yasin Aboudaoud, Chief Development Officer

Bashar Aboudaoud, Co-Founder

Bashar Aboudaoud, Co-Founder

Hilary Szymujko, Head of Program

Hilary Szymujko, Head of Program

Renee Pan, Director, Brinc China

Renee Pan, Director, Brinc China

Manav Gupta, Founder & CEO

Manav Gupta, Founder & CEO

Jessie Lam, Head of Finance

Jessie Lam, Head of Finance

How does Brinc evaluate a startup for the go to market program?

In addition to the requirements listed below, we look for companies with great products!

And above all else, we invest in people so we look for great teams with diverse skill sets, good working dynamics, an eagerness to learn and ambition to create a great company.

What are the requirements for the program?

We need to know you're ready to take on the Chinese market. This means:

  1. Completed mass manufacturing of your product
  2. Successfully raised a seed investment round and have sufficient funding allocated to growing your company into a new market
  3. Have the ability to manufacture inventory quickly or have sufficient inventory on hand to meet demand
  4. At least two people from your team are willing to relocate to Hong Kong / Guangzhou for 6 weeks

In order to receive the initial $8,888, you will need to incorporate in China. This is a process you will have to do in order to do business here anyway, and we will help you do this right with our partnership with the Guangzhou government. 

You will also need to be ready to issue 3% equity to Brinc for the program. 

i've already raised funding, can i still apply?


Yes, absolutely. In fact, it's better if you have funding to help you scale. The 3% is a flat equity issuance regardless of your valuation so the program is very flexible regardless of your funding history. 

What does the program offer me?

The program will teach you how to navigate China on market development, validate the market, and localization, rock your growth hacking strategy in China. It will give you the network and media attention that you need for developing the market. On top of all this, you will gain real experience of exhibiting your product and doing business in China.

What happens at the end of the program?

We're big on family at Brinc, and as part of our portfolio through the 3% equity, you're in ours. This means that well after the program ends, we're here to help you succeed. As with all our portfolio companies, your startup will be a lifetime member of our founder community on Slack, have access to our perks pack worth over $500,000, be welcome to join our monthly founder hours to support each other and optional strategy sessions with our full team once a quarter. We really mean it - we're here for the long-term! 

How do I apply to the Brinc Go To Market program?

Applications are now closed. Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter to hear when applications open for the next program. 

When is the deadline to apply?

Applications close Friday, September 8, 2017 at 11:59am EST.

What sort of companies are you looking for?

We're open to a wide variety of sectors within the smart hardware space. If your product is physical and enabled by software, we're interested in learning more! 

Who from my team needs to go to China?

We've found the best team to join us for the program is the business founder and head of marketing or sales. During the program you will learn and gain tools to make fundamental business decisions around pricing, legal, marketing budget, brand and so on. Having the business-oriented founder on site will help you move more quickly. With your marketing head by your side, you'll be able to start testing and rolling out to the market from the get go.

Where is the Office space provided in Guangzhou?

You will have free office space at the Brinc Hub @ 05 Space, a co-working space in the heart of the Central Business District in Guangzhou near the East Train Station. A model office, the space is complete with a gym, basketball court, pool table, and more. You will also be neighbors with over 80 international startups from seed to B round, so there are many opportunities to meet new founders, share and learn! 

Brinc has two additional spaces in Greater China: Hong Kong and Guangzhou. For address details, please look here.

Do I have to come to China to participate?

Yes. The best way to learn is to be here. 

A huge part of doing business in China is the network (guanxi!). The only way to build this is to be on the ground here, developing these relationships. 

Do you help with visas?

Yes! We will issue invitation letters for you so that you can apply your visa in home country before coming to China for the program. 

Does Brinc provide housing?

We have several recommendations we can share with you to help you find a home in Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

I don't speak Mandarin, is that an issue?

Every year there are over 260 million travellers to China who don't speak Mandarin. You will certainly have some new experiences, but it shouldn't be a problem in general. 

Will the program perform the product localization work for my company?

We will give you all the tools and learnings you need to learn how to localize your product. If you need more help, we can work with you to perform the localization work (for example, translation) for an additional fee.

The program will kick off Monday, October 9, 2017 in Hong Kong. The first week will be in Hong Kong and then you will go to Guangzhou for the next several weeks. We'll wrap up on Friday, November 17, 2017.

What are the program dates?