Hilary Headshot.JPG

Hilary Szymujko

Head of Program

As Head of Program at Brinc, Hilary spearheads the platform’s knowledge initiatives, investments and portfolio development. Leveraging her experience working with hundreds of founders across three continents to learn, fundraise and grow with Seedcamp, Swire Properties’ blueprint, and now Brinc, she leads efforts to source the best founders and key partners to join Brinc for them to continue to thrive.

Prior to Brinc Hilary was Head of blueprint, a Swire tech accelerator and co-working space where she focused on running the accelerator program and looking after all things startups, mentors and investors. Prior to joining blueprint, she worked in London as Investment Manager at Seedcamp, a leading pre-seed and seed stage fund, where she managed the deal processes for fund’s portfolio companies. She also ran Seedcamp’s internal learning program, helping portfolio companies attain their growth and funding goals, and looked after Seedsummit, the initiative to provide open source legal documents to the greater European startup community.

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