Kristin Low

Head of Brinc Plus

Kristin designs businesses, products and experiences at the intersection of emerging markets and emerging technologies.  Living in Hong Kong, but from Australia, Kristin works across Asia helping clients to build future-focused strategies and market propositions. 

Kristin has founded two companies that serve the Asian region: 

- The On-Off Group (onoffgroup.com) - A Service Design consultancy that helps corporate clients develop and scale their innovation capacity. 
- Design Thinking Asia (design-thinking.asia) - An educational platform to develop the next generation of designers in the region.

Kristin's work blends the latest advances in robotics & artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency and data science with human-centric practices such as UX, CX and Service Design. Clients include the Asian Development Bank, Citi, Telstra, Sun Life Financial Services, Techtronic Industries & Hanson Robotics. 

He's also built communities around his interests, having founded the Hong Kong bitcoin meet up group (over 1000 members) and Design Thinking Asia (over 2000 members regionally). Kristin is also the co-organiser of Hong Kong’s first ever Service Design conference (www.servicedesign.com.hk) bringing the worlds leading experts and practitioners together in September 2016 to showcase Asia’s best examples of Design-led Innovation.

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