Mass Production Is Not Rocket Science

So why does it seem so hard? Most times, it's because the tried and true process for designing products for manufacture (aka DFM) has not been done correctly. Sourcing, selecting, and managing manufacturers is actually quite easy. We love working with our contract manufacturers (CMs) and making great products, so reach out and schedule a time to talk with us. We know that we can help!



There are a lot of factories in China and they will all tell you that they can make your product. This makes it hard to figure out who is actually right. The process of finding the right CM starts by knowing where to search to begin with. We know where to look and can help you start your search in the right place from the start.


Once you've narrowed down your CM search, how do you pick? Negotiate? Set the right processes and standards for your production runs? It can be nearly impossible if you aren't from China and haven't dealt with factories for decades. Lucky for you, we have! Four decades to be exact and we have your back!


Lots of decisions have to be made mass production. You should be involved, but if you're learning on the job, it is really hard to ensure the production run that matters most (the first/next) one, is done right. We ensure that you learn alongside our experts so you get the both of best worlds. Reach out and let's chat!