We focus on Intrapreneurs. 

We know from experience that the quality of a founder is the biggest factor in the success of a company. When it comes to accelerating larger organisations, we believe the approach needs to shift away from "speed-dating" startups, and instead towards developing an organisation's own people.

Identifying, developing and supporting an organisation's existing talent through disciplined Intrapreneurship helps organisations significantly upgrade their own capability to innovate on a sustainable basis over the long-term.  

We help organisations build innovation as a capability. 

We've designed Brinc to create companies that create the future. As a result, our focus when helping to accelerate larger organisations, is on: 

  • Creating a sustainable capability. We help Intrapreneurs identify and build the capability they need around themselves to ensure their initiatives thrive beyond next month, next quarter, and next year. 
  • Embedding scalability and impact in our programs. We move Intrapreneurs beyond the novelty of emerging technology and help them translate the impact of this into their organisation and business model.    
  • Building long term relationships with our partners. We emphasise a fluid exchange of ideas, experience and advice with our partners, and engage flexibly towards that outcome.  

We help organisations experiment more rapidly with hardware. 

The Internet of Things is re-shaping customer experiences, business models, and the economy. Innovation as an activity now requires a full spectrum of experience across hardware and software.

We know hardware, and how businsesses need to be designed in order to flourish in the spaces being created by IoT. Leverage our deep expertise, presence in Shenzhen, Guangzhou & China.  

We give organisations the tools to measure and scale their innovation capability. 

We give organisations access to the platform we've built to support our own portfolio of companies, giving organisations a tool to transparently measure the progress, impact and return on investment for their innovation portfolio.


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