We help organisations build their innovation capability by identifying and developing Intrapreneurs. 


We support organisations through: 

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innovation portfolio design

We help organisations design the governance and structure around their innovation programs to be ready for the changes that connected services will bring. 

Whether in direct support of an existing program, lab or open innovation initiative, we can help to bridge the gap between the intent of your innovation efforts, and genuine business impact. 

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acceleration programs for intrapreneurs 

We partner with organisations to help identify, develop and support their intrapreneurial talent through disciplined intrapreneurship. 

Our programs focus on: 

  • Helping you identify & form teams of intrapreneurs within your organisation 
  • Developing their ideas through our proven acceleration program, from "napkin to shelf"
  • Giving multiple ways to succeed, with teams either "spinning out" into external ventures, or "spinning in" to integrated and valuable compliments to your existing business

A PLATFORM THAT HELPS YOU measure and scale your innovation capability

Leverage the same platform we use to manage our portfolio companies to reduce risk and instil confidence in your innovation capabilities. 

  • Grow your team's ability with an expanding library of IoT-focused digital courseware 
  • Predict, manage and monitor your innovation processes and workflows
  • Experiment and prototype securely in our cloud-based IoT sandbox 

Currently supporting intrapreneurs at: