Global IoT Accelerator

We back founders from around the globe in the early stages of building connected hardware businesses.

Our focus is to support hardware founders to establish critical, early stage validation and traction with functional prototypes over a four-month sprint. Individually tailored education and dedicated time with in-house experts ranging from finding product market fit through retail and distribution powers our program. 


Peter Havas

Founder & CEO, Pill Drill

“Even with our team's software and hardware background, we knew we needed to find a partner with experience making connected products and navigating China. Brinc gives us access to tactical experts, tested methodologies for customer development, and helped us navigate China. It's been a great strategic advantage to be based in our market with the Brinc team supporting us in Asia.”


Florian Simmendinger

CEO & Co-Founder, Soundbrenner

“Brinc provided us with access to the experts who really knew what it took to build a great business from the ground up. The program’s flexible and unique approach to support allowed us to cherry pick the resources needed to fill in gaps in our own management team and mitigate risk as we edge closer to true market fit. The Brinc program is the best blend of everything a hardware founder needs."

Antoine Markarain

CEO & Co-Founder, Kello

“The tools and regular sessions with the Brinc team enabled us to find our customers and build key traction in the pre-launch phase. We were able to stay extremely lean and move more quickly using the Brinc platform. There is no doubt that we would not have achieved the success in R&D and crowdfunding without Brinc.”