You want to make a product. We want to help!

Everything about making physical or connected products is tough. It's why everyone says 'Hardware is Hard!' But it doesn't have to be. Just like riding a bike for the first time, you need a little help. We provide expert support right when you need it and at every stage of your company's life.


COO/Co-Founder, Airinum

"We had been working on manufacturing our product for nearly a year before we engaged Brinc. We had met them during our crowdfunding campaign, but decided to fight the manufacturing fight and China on our own. After partnering with Brinc, things got a lot easier. We highly recommend letting Brinc help you in the early days so you make your product right the first time."



CEO/Founder, Evapolar

"We met Brinc after doing $1M+ on crowdfunding and successfully manufacturing and shipping our products around the world. But after meeting with their team, it was clear that we had a lot of efficiencies that we weren't taking advantage of and could use their help. Before joining Brinc, our solution was to throw people at China to make it work, now we have a plan!"


and everything in between

900+ Suppliers, CMs and Counting...


Every Hardware Company Begins With A Bill of Materials

Your BOM is the foundation of your entire business. You base your assumptions for margin, which dictates how much you charge, what distribution strategy you put in place and overall, how much you need to raise from investors and/or crowdfunding. 

The challenge is that using Alibaba or an online service to get 'quotes' for your components, leaves a LOT of room for error (not to mention mark ups for all the middle men). It's not your fault, but we can help!

Brinc has designed a straightforward BOM validation service that allows you to get the real prices from China for your components quickly! We will ensure you know the lead times, price, minimum order quantities and our professional recommendation on which suppliers to use out of the alternatives we will provide you. 

Don't let your Bill of Materials bite you later! Get it right today.


Research & Development Is Tricky

It may sound cool, but R&D can be very expensive and it's really easy to skip steps or spend too much money. The problem is, unless you've gone through this process many times before, there's no way to validate vendors, ensure quality, and manage timelines. It doesn't have to be this confusing. We're here to help!


The right vendors

There are a lot of great industrial, mechanical, electrical, and firmware design companies in the world. There are also a lot of bad ones. The problem is how you validate if they're the right vendor. Unless you've worked with them before or have experience in making this type of product previously, it's nearly impossible. 

We've done this work for you. We have experts in nearly every type of product development area and if you want to bring your own group, we will hold them to the same strict requirements that we do with our validated groups. Either way, you'll know that you have the right team behind you to get your R&D done right. 


the right price

R&D is expensive. There's really no way around it. The engineers and designers that make Design for Manufacture (DFM) products are highly skilled and aren't cheap. It would be great if we could hire recent college grads to do this work, but the skills required to design your product correctly for mass manufacturing are learned from years on the job, not textbooks.

To mitigate the costs, we've curated our product design partners and they all know how to work with startups and have the most fair prices in the market. From early stage functional prototypes to tolerance testing and the best designers on Earth, you'll have access to them at a cost that's fair to your startup.


Up to your expectations

The last mile is integrating the painful, but necessary R&D process into your overall business plan. You can't avoid the time it takes to make a product right, but you should be able to build it into you plans! 

Variability is the enemy in a hardware business and our tried and true systems help you stay on schedule, even when managing multiple vendors. And throughout the process, you'll have a dedicated point of contact to handle any of your questions or concerns. 

Mass Production Is Not Rocket Science

So why does it seem so hard? Most times, it's because the tried and true process for designing products for manufacture (aka DFM) has not been done correctly. Sourcing, selecting, and managing manufacturers is actually quite easy. We love working with our contract manufacturers (CMs) and making great products, so reach out and schedule a time to talk with us. We know that we can help!



There are a lot of factories in China and they will all tell you that they can make your product. This makes it hard to figure out who is actually right. The process of finding the right CM starts by knowing where to search to begin with. We know where to look and can help you start your search in the right place from the start.


Once you've narrowed down your CM search, how do you pick? Negotiate? Set the right processes and standards for your production runs? It can be nearly impossible if you aren't from China and haven't dealt with factories for decades. Lucky for you, we have! Four decades to be exact and we have your back!


Lots of decisions have to be made mass production. You should be involved, but if you're learning on the job, it is really hard to ensure the production run that matters most (the first/next) one, is done right. We ensure that you learn alongside our experts so you get the both of best worlds. Reach out and let's chat!