Risk Analysis

Do you have a great idea for a product but are unsure of how or if you should move forward? As part of our Risk Analysis package, Brinc will produce a report that includes research on existing technologies that can fulfill your product needs and a high-level feasibility analysis on how to implement the technology. If the findings are positive, you can confidently proceed to the next product development stage, building out the product requirements document (PRD) and prototyping. If the findings show that this idea is high-risk, you can make an informed decision on how best to proceed.


Brinc Deliverables

A report that includes the following items:

  1. Product brief
  2. Target market, price and users
  3. Use case and user scenarios
  4. Product features
  5. Approach assumptions
  6. Related technologies
  7. Implementation risks (mechanical and electronic)
  8. Risk of product viability overall (in our opinion)

Hardware Discovery

Product development is a huge investment. Going into full-scale Research & Development (R&D) without proper analysis often leads to incorrect execution and additional cost and/or delays. Brinc's Hardware Discovery package will produce a Product Requirement Document (PRD), which will help you to easily communicate requirements to vendors and ensure that the outsourced Industrial, Mechanical and/or Electronic engineering is set up for success. We will also provide a feasibility study and advise on the overall product development strategy to ensure you have a plan to move into R&D successfully. 


Brinc Deliverables

  • Feasibility report
  • Product Requirement Document
  • Demo prototype (optional for additional cost)

Full details of deliverables upon request!



BOM Cost Review

Do you have a finalized BOM? Do you think you could probably get it for cheaper? You're probably right! Using Alibaba or an online database to get quotations for your components leaves room for error and contract manufacturers or other middlemen often mark up your components. Brinc's BOM sourcing ensures that you get the real component prices from China and data you can trust! We will find accurate lead times, prices and minimum order quantities for your components. We will also provide a professional recommendation on which suppliers to use from the alternatives we provide to you. If you would like to test different components, we can purchase for them for you (at the real cost and pass this cost on to you...no mark ups or incentive on our end).



Brinc Deliverables

BOM analysis: We will analyze your high priority components, and check the feasibility of hitting your target price based on your requirements. This will be in the form of an analysis report and DOES NOT entail us sourcing your BOM. That's the next part of the offer if you're interested!

Sourcing and auditing: We will provide 3-5 options per component and will share their respective price points, lead times, MOQ's etc,. We will suggest which vendors are the best fit for you. 

Sample procurement: We can coordinate sample procurement at no extra fee. All you need to do is pay for the samples and shipment.


Product Development Management (R&D)

R&D can be very expensive and without the right guidance, it's easy to to skip crucial steps and overpay for outsourced work. Through the Brinc Product Development Management offering, we will help you find and audit high-quality vendors, ensure that these vendors fully understand your requirements and help you monitor their performance. Furthermore, our vendors have strong access to manufacturing resources and can quickly verify that a design is manufacturable. This package is ideal if you do not fully understand the product development process and prefer not to establish a team in China yourself.


Brinc Deliverables

Approach Report: A file that lists out how the product will be designed

Project Plan: A project plan that contains agreed upon milestone check points by you and your project vendors

Weekly Report: A weekly status report of product development and vendor performance 

EVT Sample Quality Report: A test report of EVT (Engineering Verification Test) samples, so we can verify whether the design can fulfill all requirements


Manufacturing Services

Mass Production is the stage where many startups run into issues and where the sentiment "hardware is hard" holds true. Building a supply chain without proper planning, thorough vendors audits and managing Chinese vendors for the first time is a lot to get right if you haven't done it before. That's why we designed a proven process to help startups successfully bridge the gap between prototyping and mass production in China. Brinc will help you source the appropriate vendors, translate and negotiate with them on your behalf and liaise with every party to ensure they are working together seamlessly. We will oversee the entire manufacturing process to ensure that your production process delivers what you need the first time around. This offer allows you to build a full supply chain in China without having to deploy staff in China for the long-term (though we believe it is good to have the team in China once or twice during the process). 

Brinc Deliverables

Documentation: We will help you consolidate the information needed for production and create a request for quote (RFQ) with you for CM engagement

Manufacturer List: A list that contains 3-5 manufacturers that can manufacture your product

CM Audit: A vendor/CM comparison chart that will help you understand the pros and cons of working with each vendor and help you make informed decisions

Weekly Report: Progress reports from the beginning of the project until the end, keeping you informed every step of the way

Golden Sample Report: A report based on the final sample from your CM with our analysis and feedback

Value Added Trade

Value Added Trading is an ideal solution for founders who would like to create a new product by customizing an existing white-label or off-the shelf product. Customization can be achieved by changing the color of the product, printing a logo onto the product surface or packaging the product in a new way. Brinc can help source low-priced, customizable products available in China, coordinate customization efforts on your behalf and arrrange the shipment of the final product. We will handle everything in China so you can focus on building your larger solution or selling more product!

Brinc Deliverables

  • Pre-sourcing
  • Sourcing & Auditing
  • Sample procurement
  • Coordinate Customization
  • Overseeing Production
  • Quality Inspection
  • Shipment Arrangement

Full details of deliverables upon request!


How much do your services cost?

Each service we provide is different, but don’t worry, we aren’t here to make a lot of money off of startups! We just want to make enough to keep the lights on and get you safely through the product development and mass manufacturing process. Feel free to get in touch with us by clicking one of the ‘get in touch / schedule a call’ buttons above and we will walk you through the specifics.

Do I have to / should I come to China?

You don’t have to come to China, but a lot of our teams make at least one trip. We can and will handle all of China for you if you would like. But, we do think there are benefits to meeting your partners in China, especially your final contracted assembly / manufacturing partner. If you don’t want to come, we are happy to ship the production units to you for inspection and sign off. This way of working just takes a little longer, but is totally fine. 

Do you have engineers on staff that do the R&D work?

We do have engineers on staff, but we don’t do engineering work. The amount of possible projects and specific technical skills required to hire that many engineers would be insane! Instead, we partner with the best engineers and designers in each respective field and do engineering quality control throughout the process. This allows us to keep our costs down, hence, charging you less! If you’ve ever received a quote from a product development group, you know how much it costs. That’s why we’ve partnered with the ones that like to work with startups and understand their cash limitations. We promise that we will tell you up front if we’re the right firm to work with or not. If not, we will do our best to make an introduction to another group that can handle your project. 

Who will I work with if I engage Brinc for services?

You will have a dedicated relationship manager in China that speaks English and who will be your single point of contact throughout your project at Brinc. If you ever have an issue and want to speak to someone else, it’s no problem. We’re always happy to speak to our customers. We will ensure you have multiple ways to get in touch with us and you’ll always be welcome at any of our Brinc offices!