Resources to boost Your SPRINT

Tailored Education: We have learned a lot over the past several years working in tech and IoT in particular. We've distilled it all into an online education platform specially built for connected hardware founders. Combining Lean Startup methods, product development, manufacturing in China, our collective learnings having worked with hundreds of founders from concept to crowdfunding, and 40 years of distribution experience, our education platform is there for you to learn and apply at your own pace.

ToolsAs a hardware founder, we know your to do list is long! That's why we've built dozens of tools and templates to help take steps out of the process and help you move more quickly and efficiently. From cash flow models to BOM tools to branding templates, the Brinc toolbox helps you level up faster than the competition. 

Weekly Office Hours: We put the time in together. Weekly 1:1 office hours with our in-house experts are available for you to ask the hard questions, brainstorm and push through the challenges together.  

Monthly All-Brinc Office Hours: Each month, we get together as a group: your team and the Brinc Accelerator, Studio and Growth teams to zoom out and take a 360 degree view of your progress and plans. The all-hands helps ensure that the work you are doing today is honed for the stages ahead, including R&D, mass manufacturing, and retail and distribution.

Mentor and Vendor Network: Our mentor and vendor network is a carefully selected group of experts ranging from design gurus to hardware founders to startup-friendly manufacturers to retailers. We rely on this network for precise, just-in-time guidance for our founders. 

Resources That Last

A Team to Grow With YouBuilding hardware means vetting and managing a long list of vendors and suppliers, starting critical relationships often from scratch. We can grow with you, from turning on mass production with our Studio team, to ramping up retail distribution with Brinc Growth. It’s all in the Brinc family.

Quarterly All-Brinc Office Hours: After the program sprint, our All-Brinc team continues to be available for 360 check-ins to help you track for long-term success on a quarterly basis. Most of our teams have found this to be invaluable as they scale up and encounter new challenges. 

Global Community: Join our community of global founders across three continents. With regular gatherings and a digital community, share advice, ask questions and gain support from founders who are in the trenches with you.

Landing Pad in Hong Kong and ChinaWhether it’s during the accelerator sprint or months later when you’re ready to ramp up manufacturing, you have a place to call home with fellow hardware founders and our team in Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

Perks: As a Brinc company, you have access to free services and discounts valued at over $500k from a wide variety of service providers to make your IoT business run from accounting to cloud storage to online payments to distribution and logistics providers.