From Prototype to Profit

We've designed programs and services that support hardware founders at every important step in their journey. 

Let us know where you are and we'll make sure you get the best support available!

China trips

Whether you're just finishing your prototype, launching your product to the public or moving your next manufacturing run to China, we want to make this process easy! Join one of our China Trips and learn everything you need to get started manufacturing in China.


If you haven't built a physical products business before, getting the early steps right makes all the difference. We have programs designed to ensure you find your early audience, make the right product the first time, and prep for your launch the right way. 


Building hardware isn't hard with the right people. Our services range from doing your BOM sourcing, R&D oversight, to full scale contract manufacturing management. You need to focus on what makes the business valuable, so we put experts by your side every step of the way.